Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Holy City ...... "History"

Many people wonder what is "The Holy City" ?? The Holy City is a neighborhood located on the westside of  Chicago IL.  This area was made famous in the early sixties.   In an era where black people was fighting for civil rights, an organization was born.  No different than the Black Panther Party or anyother group that fought for equality, the Conservative Vice Lord Nation was created to raise awareness and build up the poverty that consumed the Lawndale Community.  The Holy City is based from 16th and Pulaski to 16th and Kedzie and other scattered areas around the Lawndale Community.  The origin name 'Holy City' comes from the 'Mecca' in the Middle East, the sacred place where the Prophet Mohammed was born.  By 16th street being the birthplace and headquarters,  the founding fathers named the area " The Holy City" the mecca of the CVLNation.

Over the years the organizations have taken a turn for the worst.  Instead of following strict rules and understanding the laws and literature of the nation most of the young brothers are out for money and power.  They don't honor the good deeds the nation originally set out to accomplish. Things such as uplifting the community, creating jobs for ourselves, opening up community centers for the youth to learn different skills that would help them on their journey through life.  Drugs and crime in our neighborhood didn't come on strong until the late seventies, early eighties, from this point on chaos has inflicted our community in likes of a tornado like non other!

Im asking all my fellow bloggers and followers to enlighten me with suggestions that you may have that could possibly help the cause...

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